What Is an AC Tune-Up?

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As a homeowner, you’ve likely heard that the best defense against emergency repairs is preventative maintenance—and this is certainly true when it comes to your air conditioner! As longtime providers of AC repair in Cashiers, NC, we’ve encountered numerous situations involving broken air conditioners that could’ve been prevented with regular maintenance checks. For this reason, we recommend that our customers schedule AC tune-ups on an annual basis.

An AC tune-up is essentially an opportunity for an expert technician to perform a thorough examination of your unit, with the goal of identifying any parts or components that appear to be approaching the point of malfunctioning. By noticing these problems before they result in a total breakdown of your AC, your technician can make any necessary repairs, saving you both the expense of a major repair job and the inconvenience and discomfort of being without AC during the hottest time of the year.

Among other things, your technician will inspect and clean the condenser coils, inspect and tighten the electrical connectors, examine the blower motor, calibrate the thermostat, ensure proper coolant level and lubricate the system to make sure things run smoothly. The tune-up isn’t an especially time-consuming process, but it can certainly save you time and money on AC repair in Cashiers, NC further down the line. To schedule an appointment for an AC tune-up, reach out to Holley Heating & Air Conditioning Company today!

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